Easter Bunny Mix

55G BEAR JAR1Hexagonal Glas Jars7mason jar1 70g Bag Sample


The cutest Easter candies to have in your basket, guaranteed to satisfy the sweetest sweet tooth.These come as a random fruit mix.

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Candy Information and Care

All of our candy is cut by hand and there will be variation in the size of each piece.

The packaging we keep the candies in, are airtight. Please keep your candy in an airtight container otherwise it will become sticky. Yes, it will.

The candy is best consumed 1 year from the date of purchase.

Additional information

Weight g

55g Teddy Bear Glass Jar, 150g Jar, 150g Metal Clip Jar, 160g Bubble Jar, 1kg Bag, 240g Jar, 30g Jar, 30g Mini Mason Jar, 40g Jar, 70g Jar, 70g Bag, 150g Bag

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